FRINGE Final Season Recap: “Through The Looking Glass and What Walter Found There”

9 Nov

Welcome to another recap of FRINGE!  Time to go pocket universe apartment hunting…

Last time, Peter was still beaten up over the loss of Etta and decided to put some Observer tech into his spine, Olivia did better in the grieving department, suffice to say…

Cecil and The Purgatory He Got Stuck and Died In.  At the ambered lab, Walter finds another tape, filmed while walking to an apartment building, explaining a key part of the plan is in there.  Or, more specifically, in a portal to a pocket universe inside one of the apartments!  He goes without telling anyone and goes into the pocket universe, which is the same apartment building, rendered in a M.C. Escher fashion (look it up).  There he finds Cecil, a thief who got thrown into the pocket universe by a light bomb and has been stuck in it for five days.  Which makes actually no sense because that bomb blast happened twenty years ago!  The poor sap is recruited by Walter to help him find what he hid in this universe.  Too bad he forgot one critical piece of information…

“Look For The Apple.”  Team fringe discovers Walter is missing, and find the tape he watched, which lead them to the same portal.  Its lucky they brought the betamax camera, because a weird thing happens: the piece of tape Walter recorded with Donald (remember the mystery man from way back in “The Recordist”?) that went black after he entered the pocket universe becomes clear.  The universe’s properties made the tape unreadable in our realm, but clear in that one.  And Walter leads us to a set of rooms (and who didn’t geek out a bit when seeing the markings on the room doors are the glyphs of the show?) where he shows us what he’s hiding: a little boy the Fringe team ran into some seasons ago who had empathic abilities.  He was told he would be waiting for a few days in the room, which is a good thing time and space are so warped in this pocket dimension.

The Danger of Leaving Home Unattended.  The Team hook up with Walter and cecil to find the room with the boy, only to find it missing the boy.  Olivia is smart enough to see a hand radio in the room that wasn’t in the video, and guesses it might be a clue to finding the boy or Donald.  So they all make there way out when Cecil is shot dead by an Observer!  Walter got ID’d on his solo journey to the building, and Observers started searching for him there, and found the portal with their creepy Observer vision.  The team barely makes it out, and Peter stays behind to give everyone else time to escape.

“I Know what you have done.”  An Observer confronts Peter, and Peter does that creepy Observer teleporting crap and kills him.  Oh, and this is before that Observer said, “I know what you have done.  You have made a grave mistake.”  So, that’s not good.  Peter teleports again to meet up with the team at the local monorail, all surprised that Peter has miraculously survived and managed to get here in time to join them on the next train out of town.  There, Walter confesses he feels guilty for not getting Cecil out of the pocket universe in order to find his hidden piece of the plan, and worries he’s regressing into the callous mad scientist he was before being helped by Peter.  Not that Peter has his own problems, with his eyesight turning into Observer-vision.  So, Peter, you are going to bother to tell your loved ones what you did, right?  Right?

–Fun Walter Facts: Even while filming his directions to the apartment, he can be distracted by raspberry strudel.

–Another mysterious Etta “RESIST” graffiti shows up on a full building.  What is going on here?

–More importantly, whoever left the radio stuck it to a specific frequency.  Donald, perhaps?

–And also, who the hell is Donald?  Hmmm….

So, what do you think?  Interested in some pocket universe real estate?  Comment below, and until next time…

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