Hi, my name is Elizabeth Ann and I am a TV addict

3 Apr

Most likely, if you read this blog or follow me anywhere or… well, if you stumbled upon this site accidentally even, you probably enjoy television. Or you have. Or you like the DVDs of shows. Or something. I don’t actually get TV through my TV- the airwaves in my ‘hood seem to only want me to have two channels that aren’t in korean, spanish, or PBS (especially PBS in korean and spanish)(don’t get me wrong- I love PBS)- so I’ve had to find alternate ways of watching the shows I love and seeing the new shows. Yes, I am a streamer. Yes, I pay for Hulu Plus. Yes, I buy the DVDs of my favorite shows. And yes, I have access to Netflix.

I try not to add a lot of new shows every year- often my favorite ones from the previous year are still on (YAY!) so I really don’t have time. I can’t legitimately get away with adding a ton of shows because honestly, at some point I do have to do school work or real work or sleep. Or feed the cat. But I always take a look at previews and see which I want to give a chance to. Sometimes, I am enticed to try a show because of an actor appearing in it, other times it is because of the showrunners or writers. I am one of the people who follows Joss Whedon from show to show. And often his former writers (Jane Espenson is a favorite of mine and someday I will manage to get a photo with her!). And sometimes it is the story they are trying to tell- or at least, what it seems like they are trying to tell (sometimes it’s hard to be sure before you see an episode).

This year (2012) I gave chances to Grimm, Once Upon a Time, 2 Broke Girls, The Finder, and Suburgatory. All of which I am still watching. Though to be honest, I am a little behind on Grimm and Suburgatory. But the important thing is that the stories and actors keep me interested. I also enjoy Castle, Criminal Minds, Hawaii 5-0, How I Met Your Mother, Fringe The Big Bang Theory, and Bones. I’m sure there is some detailed discussion we could have in regards to what my show interests say about me but the honest truth as to why each show is on this list is because a) the writing is great, b) the cast is great, c) someone looks good nekkid, and d) I was originally enticed for one of the reasons mentioned in the last paragraph but have stayed for one of the reasons previous mentioned here. And usually… C is tied to A or B.

Oh, and I especially love when people from past shows I love appear on current shows I love. For instance, some of my personal favorite episodes of Criminal Minds include Nicholas Brendan guest starring as Garcia’s boyfriend Kevin. The interactions of their characters is so cute. Loved Nick as Xander on Buffy the Vampire Slayer (I don’t know why I just linked to IMDB for that… y’all know Buffy). And who saw Jane Badler return as Diana on the new V? My god! I loved the original V growing up- we even played “V” in kindergarten and I was always Diana because she was bad ass. (Once, years ago, I was touring the Warner Bros. lot and we went through the costume warehouse. I flipped out more about finding the Visitor’s jumpsuits then finding Spike’s duster– though that may be because we could touch the jumpsuits and the duster was locked up.

Anyways… I think I lost the plot of this post. But the point is… there is some good TV out there. What do you watch?

What do you think?

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