Guest Post!!!~ Captain Marvel: Which Actresses Best Bring Her to Life

18 Jul

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You’ve heard about the Captain Marvel movie coming out; heck, we’ve all heard about it, and with fresh news come fresh rumors. Debates about how the film will fit into the Marvel Universe Franchise, who the prospected (and possibly female) directors are, and even what exactly the movie will be about has got the Internet twittering, but my mind is focused on one critical thing: who is going to play the first ever live-action Carol Danvers?

Captain Marvel

Speculations have been running rampant as to which Hollywood actress is likely to take on the role, and while some of the lists are quite creative, it’s almost a better use of time to figure out which actress is not being considered for the role, since the lists are extensive, and lack an overall consistency.

There are certain characteristics that should be adhered to when deciding an actress to play the role, because the Captain Marvel character is, well, specific.

Marvel breaks down her as being: 5’11 and 165 with blonde hair and blue eyes. Her powers are that of flight, enhanced strength, durability and a concussive energy burst that comes from her hands. She comes from a military background and has been through so many identity changes even Lady Gaga would be envious (terrible joke, I apologize).

First and foremost, Carol Danvers’ doppelgänger has got to be a strong, kickass woman on her own; Danvers’ military background has made her tough-as-nails with a take-no-shit attitude at heart – even with the numerous crises. She goes through a ringer of changes and comes out as the best version of herself in the end.

So in an effort to flex my movie-buff, comic-nerd musclery, and to make sense of the Internet’s random ramblings, I put forth: The Actresses Who Would Best Embody Captain Marvel (as chosen by me on no real authority other than solid fandom’s musing). These are in no particular order, just that which my randomized brain found best-fitting.

Gabriella Wilde: her background is in sci-fi and horror, with parts in Doctor Who, the lesser known Dark Horse, and the movie Carrie. What I like most about her is that she’s furtive and enigmatic; when she started gaining popularity in Britain, she questioned the validity of the decision since her life is so private. Her looks fit the part to a T, but that’s not what drives her in life; like Carol Danvers, her looks are an ancillary tool to her passions and endeavors.

Gabriella Wilde The Three Musketeers World Premiere, Westfield, London, UK. 04 October 2011. (Picture by Richard Goldschmidt)

Gabriella Wilde The Three Musketeers World Premiere, Westfield, London, UK. 04 October 2011. (Picture by Richard Goldschmidt)

Isabel Lucas:  Isabel Lucas has been in a lot; she’s done small parts in anything ranging from Australian soap operas to blockbuster hits, and has most notably held roles in movies like Immortals and Transformers. Her acting is solid seeing that she’s won awards (a Logie, for her first role!), but what I like most about her is that she’s “more than just a pretty face” – she’s a big-time activist, and does volunteer work for endangered species, breast cancer, the global clean water crisis, and PETA. She cares about her country, and she cares about the world; kind of like a certain military agent turned superhero…

isabel lucas

Emily Blunt: I look Emily Blunt off the list (since the movie isn’t set to come out for a few years, she might be just outside of Marvel’s targeted age range), then I put her back on the list, then I took her off – the cycle repeated a few times until I realized she’s basically perfect and if Marvel thinks she’s too old they can shove it. Blunt kicks ass – in real life and on screen – and has a confident independent air that would translate well into Carol Danvers’ identity. She’s poised and classy, but definitely doesn’t come across as someone you’d want to mess with.

Claire Holt: Played a vampire. Played a mermaid. Played a super-bitch; seems like it’s time to play a superhero! In all seriousness though, she has a laundry list of science fiction and fantasy titles she’s been in, including the award-winning series The Originals. She can act well and is composed on screen, and has been considered for a superhero role in the past (which she turned down?!).

claire holt

Chloë Grace Moretz: This one was an obvious pick for me, since she’s so kick ass, and since she’s held a wealth of interesting roles in films ranging from, well, Kick Ass, to Carrie, Dark Shadows, Hugo, and a surprising amount of features in all types of genres. Her personality on the screen matches that of her true-life in that she is extremely self-sustaining and independent. She doesn’t rely on others to build up her ego or dote her attention; she’s literally cool with just being her. Some of her roles in the past have been that of a younger character, but that definitely doesn’t mean she can’t play a serious adult part. She’s got range, but the main point about her is that she takes no shit and gives none either.

chloe grace

Juno Temple: This one was hard for me to add because I’m a big, opinionated baby, as I’m not really a big fan of Temple. But her long laundry list of fantasy and sci-fi movies just make her a good *fit*. There was Horns (sorry for bringing up that repressed memory), Sin City, Malificent, The Dark Knight Rises, and a few other smaller parts. She’s confident on screen and not afraid to show off her, er, assets, which will bode well toward Captain Marvel’s general outfitting.

juno temple

Katheryn Winnick: let’s bring this Vikings star to the silver screen! Winnick has done a lot of great sci-fi and fantasy television and small-movie acting. Her list of features in general is lengthy, which speaks to that fact that she’s strong on screen. For a nice added bonus, Winnick is a black belt holding martial artist. Her character in Vikings is a certified badass too, so a superhero wouldn’t be that far of a stretch. And she’s a clear fan-fave for the role, given that one of them took the time to Photoshop her into Captain Marvel’s uniform.

Katheryn Winnick

Kaya Scodelario: Forget The Maze Runner and Skins (admitted guilty pleasure aside); this actress could easily join former castmate Nicholas Hoult who plays Hank McCoy/Beast in X-Men Apocalypse and fit into Marvel’s Cinematic Universe as Carol Danvers. In both Maze Runner and Skins, Scodelario’s character is mysterious and aloof; once you discover more than their rough exteriors, you see that the inside she still follows no one’s rules but her own, which is perfect. She’s a lone-wolf personality on her own, and has been quoted saying that “it is important for women to be independent and strong.” Sounds like a superhero to me!

kaya scodelario

What’s special about a Captain Movie in the first place is that it’s Marvel’s first live-action superhero movie with a female leading role. That alone is amazing, considering the fact that she’s one of the few women even on Marvel’s extensive list of superheroes (you can find a comprehensive infographic on Marvel’s heroes and history here). But there’s something to be said about that. She’s not just another one of Marvel’s sexified ladies supporting male characters in the background; she stands alone and acts in-spite of the odds stacked against her (not to mention the a-hole father who doesn’t believe in her).

Whoever does wind up playing Captain Marvel doesn’t inherently matter; she just better be able to live up to Mar-Vell’s name.


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