Stargate SG-1 Minicaps / Season 3, 17-20

11 May
The Stargate SG-1 Season Two Minicaps only used that extra Gate once, and it was for business purposes only.

The Stargate SG-1 Season Three Minicaps is all about getting that galactic bling-bling.

Stewart here…

The team recently separated Skaara from that Goa’uld parasite (good news) and now have to worry about the resurrection of longtime baddie Apophis (bad news). And then, there’s Daniel and his mission to find that Apophis spawn that may be crucial in fighting the bad guys. So, let’s just jump in…

“A Hundred Days”

A yearly meteor shower on a planet seems to yield a growing danger for its denizens. As people are being evacuated to safety, O’Neill is stranded there when a meteor buries that Stargate. While O’Neill learns to adjust to the possibility he won’t return home over several months in exile, the rest of the team try to find a way to reactivate that damaged gate. While not the most high-stakes episode of SG-1 ever, its one of the better character building episodes to date, especially for the headstrong O’Neill.


Teal’c’s new hobby: extreme Stargate spelunking.


–That weird moment when you see the actress who plays Laira and go, “Wasn’t she on L.A. Law?”, realize you’re right, and wonder how you remember something like that since you haven’t seen the show in decades.

–I’m kind of surprised the hole made by the buried gate managed to hold together long enough for Teal’c to climb up it.

–I like how there’s an actual evolution of O’Neill’s relationship with the stubborn villager that is adversarial, but turns grudgingly respectful after a few months stranded on that planet.

–There is a weird fan theory that O’Neill may have had a child with Laira that he doesn’t know about, but this is never followed up on, so we’ll leave it to being only a theory.

–“Absolute rotgut. More if you please.”

“Shades of Grey”

O’Neill displays some really odd behavior when stealing a Tollan device in direct violation of orders. As a result, he’s taken out of the SGC, then gets an offer from Maybourne to join a secret project. As O’Neill joins up and learns more about this clandestine program to steal alien resources, we realize nothing is what it seems. So yes, O’Neill is part of a deep cover plan to expose that rogue Earth operation that’s been around since season two.


“You like the place, Colonel? We’re having trouble with the satellite TV, but besides that…”


–After three seasons, we get Teal’c saying “Indeed” for the first time! Unless of course, I missed one earlier. Readers, feel free to correct me on that.

–Makepeace, one of the other SG team leaders we know by name by this point in the show, is revealed to be another agent of Maybourne’s secret operation.

–Calling in the Asgard to start recollecting all that stolen tech from the secret base was a nice touch for the episode’s climax.

–Another nice jokey is the rest of the team deciding who should visit the “retired” O’Neill. Daniel wins/loses that one.

–“To be fair, General, I did it. Carter and Daniel protested. And Teal’c, well he really didn’t say anything but I could tell he was opposed to my actions by the way he cocked his head and sort of raised his eyebrow.”

“New Ground”

SG-1 dials up an until recently unreachable planet, and sets off a conflict with two cultures, because of what the gate means to both. One group (the one that really doesn’t buy the whole “people coming through Stargates” thing) captures everyone except Teal’c, who has to recover from being temporary blinded. So while our favorite Jaffa is recovering, the rest of the team is being accused of being agents in some elaborate hoax. So what is a near-blind Teal’c and a local scientist left to do?


“Don’t argue with me! I’m not intelligent enough to back up my argument!”

–So we set up a new program that re-dials gate addresses until they respond. It’s like the automated sales calls of Stargate travel.

–Well, we clearly are in a science vs. religion parable here with the Optricians being the science guys and the Bedrosian captors of our team being the religious guys. Good thing we’re not that divided in terms of both, right?

–So Nyan (the science guy) gets stranded on our planet to be a research assistant, and unless I’m wrong, never seen again.

–“Who is Junior?”

–“You know that ‘I come in peace’ stuff? Bite me.”

“Maternal Instinct”

Bra’tac returns with news of an attack by Apophis on Chulak, which seems to be unusual because based on Apophis’ new army, he seems to be looking for something. That something is that Harsesis child Daniel is looking for, and the team travels to the planet where its believed the baby is. There, Daniel learns about ancient mysticism while some of Apophis’ forces are heading to the same place. This turns out to be another essential episode in the run of SG-1 for introducing a new concept into the mix which pays off in future seasons.


Ascended Being Day Care: NO, you clearly can’t do any better with where you leave your kids.

–So, we learn about ascended ones in this episode (along with meeting one), which is something Daniel will become very connected to later in the show’s run, along with being a key bit of mythology in the Stargate series later on.

–So that ascended one deals with that Apophis sent search party posthaste. And Daniel’s cool with letting the baby go with her through the Stargate, because, just look at the charred Jaffa corpses she left behind!

–Chief Tyrol from Battlestar Galactica briefly appears as Bra’tac’s severely injured apprentice.

–I did see wires lifting up O’Neill’s gun to make it seem it was levitating, didn’t I?

–Jack’s response to taking off his boots: “Yeah, I’m just sayin’, I think I’m doin’ us all a big favor by keepin’ these babies on.”

NEXT TIME: We end the Stargate SG-1 Season Three Minicaps with an overview and highlights of the season, but before that, Daniel’s grandfather may hold the secret to save a disappeared Daniel in “Crystal Skull”, and O’Neill is trapped on an Asgard ship heading to Earth with a lethal new enemy in the season ending “Nemesis”.

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