Stargate SG-1 Minicaps / Season 3, Eps. 9-12

27 Apr
The Stargate SG-1 Season Two Minicaps only used that extra Gate once, and it was for business purposes only.

The Stargate SG-1 Season Three Minicaps will be hosting a funeral today. Bring your best robes and scarfes.

Stewart here…

Remember back when SG-1 had some other missions beside exploring strange new worlds, namely stopping Apophis, rescuing Daniel’s wife, Sha’re, and rescuing Skaara? Well, Apophis has been vanquished, so how is the rescuing part going? Well, we get the answer to one part, and another makes us regret we broke out the celebratory champagne…

“Rules of Engagement”

As SG-1 is searching a planet for a missing SG team, they find themselves stopping a skirmish between a SG team and Jaffa, and things get really twisty from there. The SG team AND the Jaffa are actually human servants of Apophis, who clearly didn’t get the memo their master is dead, and have been running training exercises since. So SG-1 tries to convince them that there’s no need to keep doing these exercises, which is easier said than done. With the games now escalating to real weapons, the team has to keep this from getting really messy.


“My followers…I really liked the Get Well card first off…second, uuuuugggggghhhhhhhhh…”

–So we find out late in the episode that the missing SG-11 was captured, tortured for information, and eventually killed. And also, those soldiers were meant to infiltrate Earth for Apophis, which in itself seems a mission doomed to failure (I would assume it wouldn’t be too hard for SGC to notice a SG team that didn’t look familiar).

–SG-1 manage to stop that final challenge, although not without some deaths in that group of unknowing warriors. At least there’s no deus ex machina that made it a lossless fight.

–The Intar (the fake training weapons) are short for…Intar. Sometimes, there’s that lucky alien device that doesn’t need it’s name shrunk for convenience.

–“He also wanted me to tell you that the whole, “invasion of the Tau’ri” idea has been cancelled due to… rain.”

–“Just a huge honkin’ Apophis, Major. Nothing to be worried about.”

“Forever In A Day”

An unexpected reunion with the possessed Sha’re ends tragically as Teal’c kills her to save Daniel’s life. Daniel gets so shaken up emotionally by this event, that he decides to leave SG-1. But his dreams reveal something else: an important piece of information Sha’re gave him before she died. And things then get really twisty and revelatory in this emotional episode.


Nice of Daniel in his desert gangsta outfit that he didn’t pour out a 40 for his dead wife.

–The conceit of this episode is all of it is happening as Sha’re is using that device on Daniel, which is a nice little grace note given to Daniel for the end of the episode to say goodbye to her.

–So Daniel has a purpose to find this “Harsesis” child, which is supposed to be some Goa’uld wunderkind host or something.

–I’ll admit it, I got a little misty eyed hearing Teal’c was honored to have Daniel talk to him again.

–Man, the team’s Daniel replacement had it rough. He had a lot to live up to.

–“Why?” “Because I’m insulted by your intelligence.”

“Past and Present”

SG-1 discovers a planet wracked with amnesia, and a possible culprit: Lynnea, the criminal doctor they inadvertently helped escape in last season’s “Prisoners”. Then we discover the amnesia is a by-product of an experiment Lynnea was running an experiment to de-age people, like the doctor Daniel starts becoming attached to. Before the planet falls into chaos, the team looks for a cure to this amnesia. But they also discover Daniel’s new doctor friend is a de-aged Lynnea, which does complicate the whole cure-finding mission.


The Stargate takes us to wondorous alien worlds, like…Industrial Revolution World?

–So once “Ke’ra” discovers who she really is, she tries to kill herself. SG-1’s solution? Give her the same stuff that caused the amnesia in the first place to wipe her memories clean. So that’s taken care of, right?

–For the fear of a sociological collapse, that place seems to be quite busy, amnesia or not.

–So, Daniel really has some bad luck on his first woman after becoming a widower. I would hope that improves.

–“Don’t expect supper waiting.” “I never do.”

–Jack’s reaction to piecing together who “Ke’ra” is: priceless.

“Jolinar’s Memories”

When Jacob/Selmak is captured by Sokar and dumped into a hellish prison planet, Sam may hold the key to rescuing him. Jolinar was the only escapee of that planet, so Sam’s brain is scanned for that information. And even when it seems their daring last minute escape could be pulled off, there’s one more surprise. The new head cheese of the prison is the not dead Apophis! Uh-oh! And it’s “To Be Continued” next episode! Double uh-oh!



–Teal’c pulls the short straw and gets left behind on the ship to extract the team when the escape plan goes into effect. Of course, with this episode ending with Teal’c trying to evade Sokar’s forces, that doesn’t look good.

–So yeah, Jolinar and Martouk had a thing way back when, and of course, Carter gets to relive that, along with that prison torture, of course.

–Sokar’s guards have some really unwieldy shoulder guards. Must be a pain to raise your arms up in that thing.

–Apophis doesn’t seem to have all his face back from…well, whatever happened to him. Whatever it was, it left exposed skull.

–“By all means…to Hell with us!”

NEXT TIME: SG-1 and Jacob try to escape the hell planet in “The Devil You Know”, Teal’c discovers some kind of alien infiltration at the SGC in “Foothold”, the team try to save Skaara from an alien inquisition in “Pretense”, and an alien spore endangers the minds of SG-1 in “Urgo”.

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