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As Long As I Don’t Wear Tights or Spandex, Issue 9 — SCUD, THE DISPOSABLE ASSASSIN

14 Mar


SCUD, THE DISPOSABLE ASSASSIN by Rob Schrab (Image / collected)

Among the big indie comics of the 90’s (like Jeff Smith’s Bone and Terry Moore’s Strangers in Paradise), there is a nice little footnote in writer/artist Rob Schrab’s Scud, The Disposable Assassin. Born of all things, by being dumped by a girl, this book around the latter half of the 90’s became a big indie success, spawned a video game, and was even optioned for a big Hollywood movie. But by the time the new decade rolled around, any new Scud issues had disappeared from comic shop shelves. Once again, heartbreak was behind this, but we’ll get there. Continue reading

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