Stargate SG-1 Minicaps / Season 1, Eps. 15-18

8 Feb
The Stargate SG-1 Season One Minicaps has not developed robot surrogates...yet.

The Stargate SG-1 Season One Minicaps has not developed robot surrogates…yet.

Stewart here…

What’s there to really recap from last time? The team has learned a lot of new things about Teal’c (surprise, he killed a lot of people under Apophis’ orders) and about how Goa’ulds reproduce (basically its like normal sex, but instead of a baby, its a tub full of larvae). Let’s see where this next round of minicaps takes us…


SG-1 heads to a observatory on an alien world only to find their welcoming committee and the villagers dead. But, they do find one survivor: a little girl named Cassandra, who Carter becomes attached to in a surrogate mother kind of way. Too bad for Carter and everyone else when they discover Cassandra was turned into a Goa’uld weapon of mass destruction, and may end up now killing everyone on Earth. Suffice to say, Carter and the gang find (well, more like stumble) into a solution for stopping the Goa’uld death device and saving Cassandra’s life. And meanwhile, O’Neill and Teal’c look at a black hole, so, lots to do in this episode.



–So it turns out keeping Cassandra really far away from the Stargate is what saved her life and didn’t make the device go off? It does seem like an odd way out of a pretty grim scenario with Carter and her being in the bottom of that underground nuclear testing facility, baring what we know up to that point regarding her condition.

–Speaking of Cassandra, we will come back to her throughout most of the series’ run, being adopted by Dr. Frasier and all.

–Hopefully no one will go to that room in the sub-basement where Carter ran that experiment with the super radioactive particles in the near future.

–Hey wait, everyone’s got a portable hazmat suit but Teal’c? He’s hard to kill, not unkillable, you know.

–“You didn’t think the Colonel had a telescope on his roof just to look at the neighbors, did ya?” “Not initially.”


The team lands on a planet destroying itself and find a small group who was left behind after a planetwide evacuation to secure their very advanced technology from falling into the wrong hands. How that goes wrong is when these people (the Tollans) are brought back to Earth to recover, and can’t go back home. Then starts a conflict with a military bigwig who wants to detain them to take their knowledge and the team trying to find a new home for them. It’s a decent enough episode with some ramifications that come back to haunt SG-1 later in the season.

"Woo-hoo!  It's party t--oh.  Awkward."

“Woo-hoo! It’s party t–oh. Awkward.”

–So the Tollans are welcomed by The Nox, which is good to see other races we just met come back from a likely one-off appearance.

–Defying that Colonel Maybourne like that can’t reflect well for SG-1 later, can it? I mean he was ordering for the Tollans to be killed before they went through the gate with the Nox, but still, Stargate Command should watch its back.

–So you weren’t hallucinating when you saw Jigsaw himself, Tobin Bell, as the head of the Tollans.

–Carter has a brief meet cute thing this episode with one of the Tollans, Narim. Well, he makes out better than the last boy crush of Carter’s that we ran into.

–Hey, Stargate Command is starting to host representatives from other planets, even though its to failure when it comes to getting the Tollans to a new home.

“Tin Man”

SG-1 arrives on a planet to find themselves imprisoned and then trapped in robot imitations of themselves. They head back to the planet to get back into their real bodies, only to make a surprising discovery about what has happened to them. And that discovery is they don’t need to be put back into their bodies, because they are duplicates of the vey much alive human team! And they both make a big decision when figuring out how to deal with two SG-1 teams.

And like that, the plan to resurrect MacGyver while SG-1 was on the air seemed complete.

And like that, the plan to resurrect MacGyver while SG-1 was on the air seemed complete.

–So this won’t be the last we have a SG-1 team end up on a different path than what we see, if that’s vague enough for you.

–Interesting reveal about Hammond being a widower and having two grandkids. It’s a specific enough piece of info O’Neill drops that makes Hammond think they are not some Goa’uld threat.

–Apparently robot Jaffa cannot survive long without a symbiote, which kinda makes little sense, because, well, Teal’c robot is…a robot.

–Harlan describing his age: “‘11,000 going on infinity’, I always say.”

–“Colonel Jack O’Neill. Kum Bae Ya.”


An emergency jump through the gate back to Earth gets Daniel and Teal’c home, but strands an injured O’Neill and Carter in an icy cavern with seemingly no way out. Both groups are trying to find each other in this episode, with neither knowing what planet O’Neill and Carter are stranded on. As by some weird bit of luck, Stargate Command doesn’t have to look that far for the missing team members. This is a pretty nice character developing episode for O’Neill and Carter to close out this round of minicaps.

"Hey everyone, don't worry!  We have a spare gate in case ours breaks down past its warranty!"

“Hey everyone, don’t worry! We have a spare gate in case ours breaks down past its warranty!”

–So there was another gate on Earth that Carter and O’Neill got diverted to, which I’m sure is a good thing (they weren’t stranded on a unknown planet) and a bad thing (there might be other gates on Earth).

–Who do you think was waiting to attack anyone coming through the gate on that planet?

–Of course, the appearance of that frozen Serpent guard on Earth makes you wonder how or when it got there. More questions…

–Hope you O’Neill/Carter shippers enjoyed that little bit of sleeping together to stay warm. “It’s my side arm. I swear.”

–“I didn’t know you could cook.” “I can’t, but my melted ice is to die for.”

–Teal’c ‘Indeed’ counter: still circling zero.

NEXT TIME: We end season one of the Stargate SG-1 minicaps with some highlights and thoughts on the season, but before that, Daniel gets sent to an alternate reality where the Goa’uld invade Earth in “There But For The Grace of God”, the team is forced into an pivotal government inquiry over their adventures in “Politics”, and the team must defy orders to stop the Earthbound Goa’uld invasion force in the season ending “Within The Serpent’s Grasp”.

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