Attention! NerdLush Crew opening!!

4 Feb

I’ve never actually recruited anyone for the NerdLush Crew- everyone has always been a guest poster or I’ve just decided they needed to post for the site. But I feel like I want to have a regular series in regards to web based content and I’m not doing it justice with my sporadic posting on the topic.

rosie_the_rivetercleanSo there is an official position (unpaid, sorry- but no one here makes any money) open for anyone who enjoys web based entertainment and wants to write about it. I welcome negative (as long as the criticisms are valid and there is some discussion on how to improve) and positive reviews. I’m open to most all content- super duper adult stuff may not be the site’s cup of tea, but pretty much everything else is fair game.

Do you think you have what it takes to join the crew?

I am also interested in a regular series of DIY projects (art/around the house/cooking/etc). Are you crafty? Do you want to share your crafts with the world? Well, NerdLush wants to be your new home!

Use the contact form below to drop a line and let me know your interest!

What do you think?

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