The Great Trek Debate- Chapter 4, Romance in the Stars

1 Mar

Ok, so I’ve been trying to figure out what the next chapter will be in this ongoing series and I was inspired by a recent holiday themed post I read. That post listed 10 of the best romances in Star Trek, but when I read it… I didn’t agree. So I’ve put some thought into it and created my own list- though in no particular order as it depends on the day and my mood…

Captain Picard and Dr. Crusher.

BeverlyJean-Luc22From the start of Next Generation it was clear that there was an underlying attraction between Picard and Crusher but their history came between them; namely her husband/his best friend. Throughout the series and into the films, their chemistry continued- even though they would encourage and support each other in pursuing other partners. Their quiet love doesn’t come to anything, truthfully, onscreen- though in the latter seasons they do have regular meals together and discuss the possibility of more. The series finale, which is broken into 3 timelines- the future one is post their marriage- is the only piece that definitively gives the pair a relationship. Said to say. Though, I think if they’d actually had one on the show it may have been the kiss of death- as it is, the relationship provided a strong connection and backbone for two of the shows most important characters. And it gave the pair a chance to interact as more than boss and employee…

Q & Q.

The future of the Q Continuum hangs in the balance and Q comes to Janeway looking to mate with her.Q_and_Q_mate A fantastic episode wherein the battle within the Continuum is set like a Civil War excursion and Janeway must help to save Q- something she is not pleased to do. But in the end, Q and Q realize their love/attraction/whatever it is that Q’s feel for one another and together create a little Q. Perhaps not an epic romance… but they’re Q. Just how epic were you wanting? But I found that this one stayed with me years later and thus it deserved a spot on my list. Besides the mating practices of the Q make me blush!

B’elanna Torres and Tom Paris.

tomb'elannaConsidering Star Trek: Voyager was set light years away from the the crews homes, it was inevitable that there would be a romance on board. It had to be one that the audience would care for though; it couldn’t just be a random character. From the beginning of the series, Tom and B’elanna’s chemistry mixed like oil & water- giving rise to their passion and love once they’d turned from antagonizing each other to leaning on and needing one another. For me, the early stages of the romance were lacking- until the moments they think they are dying while drifting in space, there’s no confession of love (and little of their courtship is seen). But as they became a true couple and their love and marriage (and eventual pregnancy/baby) effected their lives, they became not only some of my favorite Trek characters but also a solidly built romance.

Trip and T’Pol.

OK… these two. Damn.Trip_and_T'Pol,_decon How I wanted them together from the first moments they shared screentime. And according to the internet, I am not alone. Trip’s old fashioned charm and southern manners kept them apart physically following her marriage to another man. But the part before that… where they built a friendship unlike any other onboard, or where he needled her into letting him into her life… And the part after- where once she was single again… oh the heartbreak! Their relationship was a rollercoaster. One I was happy to ride and cheer on. Until the series finale and it’s total bullshit treatment of them. Seriously- four years of build-up and that’s what you do to my favorite couple? I call Shenanigans!

Spock and Uhura.

spockuhuraI’m talking the revamp film pairing, though there were hints to this pairing in TOS. I can’t really say much to this pairing until the second film comes out- need to see where it goes. BUT! I will say this- dayum! That’s so hot! She’s got the brains to match him and the passion & fire to crush his logic. What a match!

Honorable mention Jadzia Dax and Worf.

I like this pair as she can be a match to him.jadziaworf And won’t take any of his bullshit Klingon crap. However, once it reaches it’s highest point, DS9 threw a wrench in the works and bam! grumpy Klingon. Again.

Honorable mention Eve and Childress.

muddswomen3This TOS pairing (“Mudd’s Women”) has always stuck with me. Partially because though in the beginning he was like all the rest, just interested in the beauty- he was a better man than that. In the end, without the drugs effecting her, Childress told Eve she was beautiful and perfect. And she stayed with him. I would’ve loved to be able to go back to these characters and see what happened after the Enterprise left…

What do you think?

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