100th Post ~ MILESTONE!

12 Sep

I feel pretty lucky to be able to say that NerdLush is celebrating a milestone today- two actually. The first- this post is #100. Not bad for a little site I created in order to not go any batty-er than normal. Much of the reason we’ve reached this point goes to my great staff- in particular Stewart and Emily. I post more often (my site, ya know) but it’s with their additional posts I’m able to relax and not feel stressed out to get posts up. I mean… I was dumb and put a schedule of posting every 2 days on myself (and on my site). Bless them. Also, we’ve reached this point because of you. I keep a close eye on the site stats. I know when and where-ish the readers are. I see what gets a lot of hits and what gets none. It is so gratifying to see so many people come back to keep up with our posts. Okay, I’d love to see more comments but hey- no pressure.

Our second milestone- six months of operation. We started in mid March of this year, as an idea I’d been mulling about for a while. We are celebrating with a costume karaoke party on the 22nd of this month. Hope you all will be there to celebrate with us. And if not… I’m sure there’ll be a follow-up post 😉

(the above graphic was created by the talented Dee2…)

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