It’s time to get serious… what are you thinking about Sleepy Hollow’s latest season???

19 Dec


I choose to ignore the second season of Sleepy Hollow (henceforth referred to as “the-season-that-shall-not-be-remembered”) because it was horrid. It felt as though the writers were so excited to be picked up that they decided to cram five years of stories in oce season. And nothing made sense.

So let’d pretend it simply didn’t happen, shall we?

Season three however, is a return to the fun of  the first season. And that’s why it works.

Well, except for Pandora but that is something we’ll discuss later.

SH_S3_700x700_GEOWhat makes season 3 work?

  • First of all – and in my opinion the most important thing – she-who-will-not-be-named is dead and gone. Thankfully not even appearing in flashbacks.
  • Betsy Ross! When most people think of her all that comes to mind is that she created the original U.S. flag. However, per Sleepy Hollow’s take on history, Betsy Ross is a bad ass spy!
  • Crane is back to learning about his new normal. Episodes have begun wherein he is playing videogames and vegging, mainlining caffeine and junkfood. He’s starting to date. He’s complaining that he doesn’t need tostudy American history because HE LIVED IT (only to be reminded that his history is not the one in the history books). He’s becoming a real boy!
  • Betsy Ross! betsy ross
  • Monsters of the week! There have been one real nasty ones this season.

But it’s still not a perfect season…

  • In the 1st episode we learned that in 9 months (since the end of the evil season) Abby has left the police force and completed FBI academy AND reached a point as an FBI agent where she can work alone…
  • Reynolds went to the academy with Abby but is now her boss. (see above and remember… NINE months).
  • She-who-shall-not-be-named was replaced in season 3 by Pandora as the new villain. However, Pandora is a one-note villain and a waste. I have been tempted to mute every time she’s onscreen. Part of the problem is it feels like every character Shannyn Sossamon has ever played. Blech. The monster of the week doesn’t need her to work. Hope we’re done with her.
    • As a note, one of the things that worked so well in season one was that Mulloch, though the main bad guy, only appeared sporadically since his demise, the villain of the season has tried to be a key player in the series. It’s better when they are background.
  • I miss the pirate. The only good part of last year…

Here we sit, waiting for hiatus to be over to find out what happened to Abby falling into the tree. Hoping Pandora is done and gone. And eagerly awaiting Crane’s commentary on the present day.

What are your thoughts on this season?

What do you think?

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