Stargate SG-1 Minicaps / Season 7, Eps. 1-4

17 Nov

The Stargate SG-1 Season Seven Minicaps welcomes back the new Daniel Jackson, same as the old Daniel Jackson.

Stewart here…

So last season, Daniel Jackson got to spend some time Ascended to a higher lifeform while SG-1 had to fill the void with alien Jonas Quinn. But leave it to Anubis quest for more power to get Daniel put in the Ascended being penalty box and SG-1 put on a mission to find a “Lost City of the Ancients”. So how will this quest end up? Is Daniel going to be kept on his Ascended “time out”? Read on…


SG-1’s search for the Lost City (technically “city of the lost”, but you know translations are always dicey) takes them to a planet where they discover a non-Ascended, amnesiac Daniel Jackson! The “how” and “why” of Daniel’s return will have to wait, as the team tries to refresh his memory, to spotty results. But they have to put that on hold in order to launch a risky mission to take out Anubis’ planet killing weapon. As is expected on Stargate SG-1, there are some unexpected complications, which we’ll come to in the next episode.


Daniel Jackson’s gonna have a hell of a hangover from being an Ascended person.

–Teal’c is a prisoner of System Lord Yu! Jonas is a prisoner of Anubis! Daniel is stuck in the vents of Anubis’ ship! Considering all we got to take care of in this episode before we get to those cliffhangers, of course it’s the first half of a two-part adventure.

–A note of continuity: Teal’c’s been having trouble doing his mediation thanks to his Tretonin treatments. Something to note for later in this round of Minicaps.

–That Daniel trusts his former teammates enough to, in the span of a few days, leave the planet he was found on to go on a suicide mission into Anubis’ super ship was a stretch, but also added more questions to his de-Ascended amnesia. He remembers certain things, but not everything.

–O’Neill gets to destroy the Anubis super weapon (in lots of Star Wars references, BTW), so that’s one problem solved. Of course, that’s also what makes Anubis do what he does in the next episode.

–“Ok, everyone who thinks this is absolutely an insane idea raise your hands. C’mon be honest.”


Good news, Jonas: you’re going home…but bringing Anubis along with you! Anubis is really interested in the Naquadria manufacturing there, so he lays siege to Jonas’ homeworld to claim it. SG-1 rides in to help set up a resistance, which considering the world’s paranoid history, sounds easier than it is. Then there’s Teal’c having to get Yu’s help and Daniel having to break Jonas out of Anubis’ supership, so our team is busy.


“Yeah, so I guess I can stop by every so often…no? Well, is it okay if I call or write…no? Um, see you, then?”

–How does Teal’c deal with Yu’s forces going back on their agreement? By getting Yu’s second-in-command to take charge and align that army with Ba’al’s forces! Oh no way can that be a problem for later.

–Yeah, leave it to the head of the Kelownans to sell out everyone as long as Anubis attacked the other nations its in conflict with. And this is after setting off a Naquadria bomb that forced those nations to meet to discuss a peace treaty. Morons.

–Anubis escapes, despite his big ol’ super ship getting wiped out by Ba’al’s new larger army.

–So this marks the last regular appearance of Jonas in the series. He does pop up later on this season, but its back to original formula SG-1…for a while.

–“We get paid for this, right?”

“Fragile Balance”

Things at the SGC get weird when a teenage boy is arrested at the base, claiming to be O’Neill! He seems to know everything O’Neill knows, so how did he end up being turned into a teen? Well, what’s happening is related to the Asgardians, and their quest to preserve their species. And also, teen O’Neill may not quite be the real deal…


Cool! O’Neill’s got some replacement cloned body parts for when he needs it!

–So, if you said “clone O’Neill”, congratulations. The real one is being held in that Asgard ship above Earth, and he’s just as surprised to have a younger version of himself as everyone else is.

–Speaking of Asgardians, the rogue scientist who’s been running this unsanctioned abduction operation is named? Loki. So surprise Thor shows up to apprehend Loki.

–As to the clone O’Neill, his deterioration is stopped and he gets to off to high school! Really?

–Fun moment: the second teen clone O’Neill is brought on board, zats Loki immediately.

–“Hey!! I’ll tell you what’s wrong. I just woke up, haven’t had coffee, let alone a pee in seven days, and I find out you stole my ass and made a mini-me! Carter, I should be irked, currently, yes?”


In this episode, which I’ve subtitled “How Teal’c Gets His Groove Back”, our super alien learns as the result of an intense mission, he isn’t the super warrior he was back when he had a symbiote in him. Besides a longer recovery, he now feels he can’t rejoin SG-1 on field duty, which is all in his head. Whatever the case, Teal’c has to recover to save his son and Bra’tac, who are prisoners at a Goa’uld run death camp. Time to get the mojo back and fast, Teal’c!


“Time for Teal’c to break the wishbone!”

–So how does Teal’c learn about the developments with his son and Bra’tac? Well, Daniel apparently witnessed their capture during his Ascended time, and it took some mediation to bring that up from his memories.

–So by helping Ba’al build his forces, it kinda makes things tough for them especially since his forces have imprisoned Rya’c and Bra’tac.

–How does Teal’c start getting his “mojo” back? Well, by killing the leader of the slave mines in hand to hand combat! Whatever works, man.

–We get a Signs reference!

–Teal’c thoughts on O’Neill’s offering of Jell-O: “I believe his offering of colored gelatin was his attempt to sympathize.”

NEXT TIME: SG-1 discovers a society under a computer-controlled dome in “Revisions”, the discovery of frozen people in a crashed spaceship turns serious when Daniel is possessed by some of the occupants in “Lifeboat”, Daniel has to negotiate between the SGC and a tribe of Unas over a Naquadah mine in “Enemy Mine”, and Carter enters a deadly space race to secure an alliance in “Space Race”.

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