Stargate SG-1 Minicaps / Season 6, Eps. 17-20

10 Oct

The Stargate SG-1 Season Six Minicaps is not interested in some DNA re-sequencing to help it get into shape. Nope, too risky. Going to straight up HGH to do the job.

Stewart here…

Last time, we got teased with the possibility of longtime SG-1 nemesis Senator Kinsey getting assassinated, although that turned out to be a ruse to weed out a way more corrupt end of the way corrupt NID. Way to let us down, show. Well Kinsey reappears in this round of Minicaps, so maybe there’s some hope from this creep’s demise, huh? Read on to see if I’m proven right…


Finally, the U.S. reveals to representatives of major nations the existence of the Stargate program. This event also provides Senator Kinsey an opportunity to push General Hammond out of command of the SGC in place of an NID-run (and de facto Kinsey run) SGC. Both Hammond and Kinsey make their defense by, sigh, clips from previous episodes. Yeah, it’s another clip show episode, so feel free to glaze over this one.


Thor’s so pimp he beams into your place IN his throne! Let’s see Kanye West beat that!

–Who wins this argument? Hammond, with a surprise appearance and defense by Thor to allow the SGC to remain as is.

–Thor politely reminds Kinsey he is supreme commander Thor, and doesn’t take seriously O’Neill’s comment about ejecting Kinsey into space. I kinda wish he did.

–Thor also has another reason to be there, namely dropping off a gift for stopping the Replicators: some Asgard-quality tech for the Prometheus. Least they could do.

–So Kinsey weeded out the corrupt part of NID just so he could weasel a place in running it? Yeah, makes sense.

–“Oh, no, no, no. What could be more clear? There were two different sorts of alien ships. I follow completely.”


SG-1 arrives on a planet to find a crashed ship and several human survivors among it. As the team tries to fix the ship, they and the survivors are being stalked by aliens who were prisoners on the ship. But things look suspicious when Carter and O’Neill learn something about the aliens and the survivors that changes what the team thinks is going on. Who are the jailers and who are the prisoners?


“OK, I see now approaching you from behind may have been a mistake.”

–So Warrick the alien was the jailer and the group SG-1 was helping were the prisoners. But the smart thinking of the team managed to get the prisoners back in chains and Warrick’s ship up and running.

–Jonas pulls a good trap for the escaping prisoners that the coordinates he leaves out for them to use…leads them into a heavily armed SGC! Also, he doesn’t trust women who kiss on the first date, which, trust issues much?

–Not to spoil things, but we will see Warrick again next season in one of the more fun episodes of that season.

–Aden almost came within a hairline of becoming another notch in Carter’s failed boyfriend belt.

–“Okay, but charge by the hour. No flat rate for these kids.”

“The Changeling”

Teal’c starts having bizarre visions, all involving him being a normal human firefighter with people from his past (like his teammates) in it. Well, we know Teal’c isn’t a firefighter, so what is going on? It may take Daniel Jackson appearing to help his friend figure it out. The answer to Teal’c’s parallel lives problem is one that may leave our Jaffa badass changed forever.


Eeewwww, at least wash that symbiote after you take it out and put it into someone else. That can spread germs!

–The big reveal for Teal’c’s altered states is that neither world is real, but a vivid hallucination brought on from him removing his symbiote for long periods of time to keep a symbiote-less Bra’tac alive after an ambush on rebel Jaffa.

–So, this episode really reintroduces Tretonin from earlier this season as a Tok’ra refined solution to Jaffa needing symbiotes to survive. Good thing it worked, since Teal’c’s symbiote didn’t survive this gambit, but its addictiveness from its other form is of some concern.

–This is another episode written by Teal’c himself, Christopher Judge.

–Some fun cameos in his firefighter hallucination, like his old love from season four as his girlfriend and Apophis in various forms. And it’s interesting to see Daniel Jackson being the only one who knows who “Tyler” really is, which suggests Ascended Daniel Jackson may not be content to not interfere with things like other Ascended beings.

–“I would prefer not to consume bovine lactose at any temperature.”


During a routine hyperspace drive test, the Prometheus, and SG-1 with it, get stranded far away from Earth. In order to contact Earth for help repairing the ship, SG-1 travels to a nearby planet with a possible Stargate. The only problem is the civilization on that planet seems to be very protective of any information regarding their past, let alone if a Stargate still exists. Now the team has to discover the truth to get home, and maybe risk starting a civil war on the planet in the process.


That’s what happens when you illegally park your spaceship on an alien planet. Space cops show up to ticket you.

–Nothing like bringing a spaceship over an army to convince them that capturing SG-1 (because some people are really paranoid about unearthing a buried Stargate) is a bad move.

–So Heru-ur used to rule over the planet until he was kicked out many years before he got blown up in season four.

–Fun continuity fact: Teal’c admits to going to 133 worlds since joining SG-1, which lines up with this being the 140th episode of the show.

–Common law of Sci-Fi shows: never carry a spare engine on your ship in case the current one has to be jettisoned before it explodes.

–“See how melodramatic that sounds? It’s unnecessary.”

NEXT TIME: We end season six of the Stargate SG-1 Minicaps with an overview and some highlights, but first, an ill Jonas receives a foreboding vision of SG-1’s future in “Prophecy”, and SG-1 tries to stop Anubis from retrieving a powerful artifact on Abydos in the season ending “Full Circle”.

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