Stargate SG-1 Minicaps / Season 6, Eps. 13-16

30 Sep

The Stargate SG-1 Season Six Minicaps is a riddle wrapped inside an enigma inside O’Neill’s fishing gear.

Stewart here…

Last time: the SGC had an impromptu test run of their new hybrid spaceship, the Prometheus, and by “impromptu”, I mean it was hijacked. Before SG-1 could rest from recovering the ship, the Asgard popped by, needing their help to stop the Replicators on the Asgard homeworld. After setting off a time dilation device that stuck the Replicators seemingly for good, I guess it’s time for some rest and relaxation. Well, how does that go in this round of Minicaps?

“Sight Unseen”

SG-1 brings back an alien device to the SGC, and slowly, people start seeing weird alien creatures flying around. What seems to be a threat turns out to be quite the opposite when its revealed people can see these creatures who exist only in a parallel reality. But while the team tries to cure this annoyance, it spreads outside the HQ. Can O’Neill and company stop these visions before they cause damage in our reality?


“Die, cartoon billboard!”

–An ALF reference that O’Neill makes that he doesn’t know the origin of?

–Advantage to Jonas being restricted to base due to his hallucinations: he doesn’t get an invite to join O’Neill on his fishing trip. Teal’c says this is a good thing.

–Someone mistakes Carter and Jonas for being a couple. Good thing they’re not? Have you not seen her luck with boyfriends over the run of the series?

–Apparently the visions are caused by contact with the device, which is passed on to others with contact, and like static cling, can be removed with an electrical current.

–Jonas: “You’re suggesting I’m delusional?”
O’Neill: “No. No, it’s just… possible… that you were seeing something that wasn’t entirely… yes, that’s what we’re suggesting.”

“Smoke and Mirrors”

Resident slimebag Senator Kinsey gets felled by an assassin’s bullet…and that mystery assassin seems to be Colonel O’Neill! O’Neill claims innocence in this, and the team has to agree something’s not right about this. But if he’s not the shooter, then who’s running around looking like him? Well, maybe the NID has something to do with it…and yes, they do.


I’m amazed O’Neill didn’t burn off the skin of his hand or lop it off after that.

–Sadly, Kinsey is not dead but comatose and put in hiding in order to weed out the corrupt(er) faction of the NID. Ugh. And just to make things worse, O’Neill has to make a public appearance with Kinsey just to make him look innocent. Double ugh.

–The culprit behind this? A rogue NID agent using those holographic devices used by the aliens that infiltrated the SGC based in season three’s “Foothold”.

–Those alien holographic devices used to impersonate O’Neill and others turn out to be pretty useful in infiltrating the rogue NID faction back and exposing their core members.

–Teal’c just knows how to make people reveal their secrets. He’s just that good.

–“Someone duplicated the duplicators?”

“Paradise Lost”

Former colonel/current fugitive Maybourne is back with an interesting offer: a reduced sentence in exchange for the location of an hidden alien weapons cache. What happens instead is O’Neill and Maybourne get stranded on an idyllic planet, with the rest of the team trying to locate them. While the team is doing that, the frenemies are trying to survive and keep off each other’s nerves. If they don’t annoy each other to death, the psychotropic plant they start eating might do the trick!


“Harry, where did you get that camouflage from?” “That pile of mud in the woods!” “Um, that wasn’t mud, Harry…”

–O’Neill decides to let Maybourne go from future incarceration by leaving him on that planet and letting the Tok’ra transport him to a new home. Where exactly we won’t see for a while.

–By the way, the dead settlers on that colony? Furlings. We’ll technically see them in season ten.

–Carter’s torn up about being unable to locate O’Neill for I believe the tenth or so time in this show. But, at least she puts together he’s on the moon of the planet they lost him on, so good on her.

–Maybourne’s solution to fishing? An explosive device. Hey, it works.

–“It’s not that I can’t believe you lied to me again, its that you lied to me again!”


The team is alerted to the return of former System Lord Nirrti, who has been experimenting on a planet’s populace to create the perfect Goa’uld host body. Those experiments are troubling, with bizarre mutations on the surviving subjects, which beats the creepy deaths of those who don’t. When Nirrti captures the team, they get put on the schedule of her deadly experiments. Now they have to convince the brainwashed test subjects to help them before Nirrti’s experiments do them in.


“At least I’m not doing as bad as Daniel and Carter do with relationships. Sigh.”

–Nirrti finally gets offed this episode via a Force-esque choke and neck snap. Luckily one of the subjects read her mind before that in order to use the machine to cure Carter and the other lab rats.

–The fatal flaw of Nirrti’s experiments? A Senator Kelly from the X-Men movie turn into a puddle of water, unfortunately for the team commander of the Russian SG team (yeah, there was a Russian SG team until this mess).

–Nirrti’s DNA re-sequencer device is slated for destruction by the end of this episode, but the device is not some exclusive Nirrti-made creation, so expect it to appear again in the series.

–Speaking of things to note for later, Jonas briefly ends up in the machine but nothing seems to be needed to fix with him. Well, nothing we can see yet…

–“Ding-dong, the Wicked Witch is dead.”

NEXT TIME: The reveal of the SGC program to other nations causes internal strife in “Disclosure”, SG-1 discovers a secret between survivors of a spaceship crash in “Forsaken”, Teal’c is haunted by visions of another reality in “The Changeling”, and the team must negotiate with a planet’s civilization to use their Stargate to get home in “Memento”.

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