Daytime TV is for the birds!

20 Feb

I have been sick at home since Wednesday evening… nice to be able to get the rest I need but man, is it boring! Yesterday, I discovered that TBS runs episodes of American Dad and Family Guy in the afternoon and happily spent a few hours enjoying that. Do you know what I noticed? That apparently if you are at home on a weekday watching cartoons, it is apparently because you have a drug abuse problem and you need to go seek treatment at Passages Malibu.


Hey, TV people, most of the people in my world do not work normal 9-5 jobs. They tend to be home during the afternoons and often turn on the TV for background noise while they are working on things. This does not mean they have a drug problem!


OK, but that was only part of the reason I wanted to talk about afternoon TV… basically… there isn’t anything good on. Unless you luck out finding a random marathon on a cable channel. I have a million and twelve channels right now (only slightly exaggerating!) and there was nothing to watch. I remember when I was in college and Syfy (then SciFi) would run blocks of old series during the day- each day had a theme. That was good daytime TV. And it gave audiences a chance to see something they may have missed.

I remember being a little kid and my summer babysitter (the curse of the working single parent) would watch the soaps. They were at least mildly entertaining. I tried to watch one recently and wanted to bash my head in… it was so ridiculous. Who still watches those things? Has anyone just randomly started watching them recently? Probably not. I bet everyone who watches them now has been watching soaps for YEARS.

I wandered into a crime scene show marathon and was exposed to a bazillion erectile dysfunction commercials. Not exaggerating. I’ve noticed an increase in the ED commercials aimed at women, to help their poor men, airing during my primetime shows lately but OMG! do I have to be bombarded by these ads when I’m sick at home, too?

I guess what I’m saying is this… can we please get some decent afternoon TV? I don’t want to always have to resort to my streaming services. I pay for cable, for goodness sake! There ought to be something on!

Oh well… I guess I’ll just have to suffer through… I’ll be on my couch watching crazy people sue each other over petty things like explosive clothes dryers due to one roommate never cleaning out the lint trap… or something.

What do you think?

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