FARSCAPE Revisited Mini-caps / Season 3, Episodes 5-8

4 Jan
My name's John Crichton, and I'm being minicapped.

My name’s John Crichton, an astronaut, and I’m being mini-capped.

Stewart here…and fair warning, some spoilers lie within…

Hey, fellow travelers of the Uncharted Territories, its time for some mini-caps on Farscape.  Last time we left our heroes, Aeryn was returned to the land of the living, only at the expense of Zhaan’s life.  But instead of a slow death, the Delvian priestess went out saving Moya from an inter-dimensional clustereff.  Speaking of clustereffs, there’s also a new crewmate in Jool, a rich girl unfrozen in this mess.  Oh, and while Scorpius has Crichton’s brain chip, “Harvey” is still stuck in Crichton’s head.  Like I said, lots of clustereffs happened.  Can’t be any worse in this installment, right?

“…Different Destinations”

While at a planet’s war memorial, Stark accidentally sends a good amount of Moya’s crew back in time, where they change history not for the better.  So, they try to fix their mess, which they do eventually, but with its own unforeseen and horrifying consequences.  The main message here is: don’t let Stark near anything, especially if you don’t want to be responsible for a lot of innocent people dying because of you dropping into the past.  And this isn’t the worst thing that happens in this minicap round-up.

“Eat Me”

A sick Leviathan, a Pilot being devoured, and people being replicated as food?  Its about cannibalism as part of Moya’s crew arrives on a messed-up Leviathan, and try to avoid becoming the other white meat.  Yeah, its icky as it sounds with a story based on a cannibalistic alien who has been using a imprisoned Leviathan for a never-ending buffet.  And as a result of this detour, Crichton returns to Moya…as does Crichton!  Yep, its two Crichtons!  This comes in handy in the next episode…

“Thanks for Sharing”

Crais and Talyn come back after a major ass-whipping to reveal who was the dealer of said whipping of ass: Aeryn’s mom, who’s leading a Peacekeeper Retrieval Unit.  Before the awkward family reunion can get too dicey, Moya and Aeryn escape, each in different directions, and each with their own Crichton on board.  For the purpose of being less confusing, we’ll call them based on their shirts: Black Crichton for Talyn, and Green Crichton for Moya.  Get used to it, because we’ll be doing this for most of the season.

“Green Eyed Monster”

One of the gems of the series, Talyn gets trapped in the insides of a Budong (and if you seen their skeletons from last season, you know that isn’t a stretch).  And as they are trying to escape, Black Crichton is having some jealousy issues with Aeryn and Crais that threaten everything.  I will say this episode is a less grim and more entertaining episode than the episodes before it, and certainly gives John/Aeryn shippers a beautiful climax, but it takes on a more tragic tone when we get to later in the season.

Budong!!  BUDONG!!!

Budong!! BUDONG!!!

Considering the large cast now, its kind of nice to see them split up for most of this season from here on in (also probably a bit of a save for the show’s budget not having every actor on set for the whole season).  Both groups eventually reunite, but its not without some surprises and some loss.  Stay tuned…

–“They shot me, they pushed me, they made me drink piss!”  It’s the order of Jool’s complaint that has me concerned.

–Cowboy Harvey.  That’s all that needs to be said.

–Man, what a harsh, tragic end for that episode, knowing they put everything right, but at the cost of even more innocent lives.

–Obviously the sick Leviathan is a redress of the Moya set and Pilot, but its so creepy and icky, with the Pilot missing its arms.

–I’m kind of sad I didn’t get more screenshots of Jool getting slapped by Chiana in order to get Miss Princess to grow a pair.

–“See?  Violence.  You’ll get the hang of it.”

–I’m kind of glad there’s no way to tell who’s OG Crichton or not, because of the whole duplication thing.  It also makes some of the other events of the season more effective.

At least we didn't go with goatees for one of the Crichtons.

At least we didn’t go with goatees for one of the Crichtons.

–I like to see that tentacle monster used on Congress.  (Sorry, couldn’t resist that timely joke.)

–“D’argo, tell him who his daddy is!”  “I’m your daddy!”

–Love the twist that the “green-eyed monster” isn’t Black Crichton at all, but Talyn.  What a dick messing with John and Aeryn like that.

–Yes this episode was written by John Crichton himself Ben Browder, but its definitely a nice showcase for the cast overall.

–“That’s no moon.”

–“Oh, wonderful, they’re alive.  Now you can torture them with your insane dribblings.”


Awww…. Let’s enjoy this moment of happiness before the eventual bad stuff that happens later this season. Awww…

NEXT TIME:  Moya’s crew gets invaded by a passenger who’s taking them over without them knowing it in “Losing Time”, Crais and Black Crichton face off against Peacekeepers looking to capture Talyn in “Relativity”, we get the origin of Scorpius in “Incubator”, and Talyn gets an unwelcome visitor of its own in “Meltdown”.

One Response to “FARSCAPE Revisited Mini-caps / Season 3, Episodes 5-8”

  1. elizabeth ann January 4, 2013 at 8:41 pm #

    the sick leviathan was so wrong… could not get finished with that episode fast enough. Love that with the duplication, we can have two completely separate stories that we follow because the audience sees (mostly) through Crichton’s eyes. Also love the trouble the separate paths causes later- you think things will be smooth sailing but no, stuff that happened in one ship effs up things for the other!

    This is a great set of episodes however, I would’ve enjoyed at least one lighter one to balance out the dark and gloom. And no, I don’t count the Budong ep as a light one… it has some great lighter moments though.

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